No Prep Activities for Speech Therapy

When the days are busy and planning time is limited, it’s good to have some no prep activities for speech therapy on hand ready to go. Here are a few of my favorite no prep activities.


Games are the easiest no prep activity to grab when you’re on a time crunch. Many of my students do not get to play games at home, so playing games in speech is a real treat for them. Often times, I get sick of the game before they do (since I play the same games all of the time). When using games, the key is to keep engagement up for all of your students in a group. Have them listen to each other and give positive feedback to each other. I often model providing feedback and have my students mimic me. Here are a few of my favorite games (affiliate links provided). Just remember, the game is the supplemental activity, not the main focus…

Pop the Pig – a classic and favorite in my speech room

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel – this is a great game that can easily be turned into a cooperative game

Pass the Pigs – quick and easy to play, and rules can be modified for different ages


Books are the quickest and easiest way to keep students engaged during speech and require no prep at all. I keep a few favorites on the shelf near my table and grab them when I want them. If you need some ideas for how to use books in speech therapy, check out this BLOG POST.

No Prep Activity Booklets

I have a good stash of no prep activity booklets that I keep on hand in case I need them in a rush. I print them at the start of the year and use as needed. You can print black & white versions and write directly on them, or use them in a sheet protector with dry erase markers. I’ve also used color versions in sheet protectors during speech, and then sent home the black & white print versions for kids to use as home practice.

Here are some of my favorite no prep activity booklets. These are all available on TPT, and also in the KI Speech Membership. See the end of this post for some free downloads. 

photo of activity booklets


The last of my favorite no prep activities for speech therapy is sudoku. I love using sudoku in speech because it’s so fun and really helps give students a sense of accomplishment when they complete a puzzle. They often forget they’re even practicing their speech! I have several different levels of sudoku resources that are great for beginners through advanced level. There are articulation sudoku sheets as well as language sudoku.

These are all available on TPT, and also in the KI Speech Membership. See the end of this post for some free downloads. 

Here are some free downloads you can use today:

Articulation Sudoku Boom Card Bundle available on Boom Learning. These include moveable pieces that make each puzzle fun and interactive.


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