Summer Speech Therapy Activities

I. LOVE. SUMMER. I absolutely love it. Even here, in the heat of Texas, I just love summer. The other seasons don’t even come close for me. In honor of my love for summer, I am sharing some of my favorite summer themed games and ideas that can be used for summer speech therapy activities. These are great toys and games that can be used by SLPs who work through the summer, or for parents who are looking for some fun ways to keep working on speech and language skills through the break. Check out these summer speech therapy activities and then get out there an have some fun!

Girl with beach ball and title reads Summer Speech Therapy Activities Ideas for Parents and SLPs

(I’ve included Amazon affiliate links on each picture, but there are many different places you can find these games/activities. )

#1: SAND!

Playing in the sand is the perfect summer activity. I especially like it because here in Central Texas, not every child has the opportunity to visit a beach and experience the fun of making a sand castle. I love kinetic sand because it’s not as messy as real sand and you can use it in so many different ways. I like to bury target cards or items in the sand and have my kiddos search for them. I also like to work on following directions while playing in the sand. It’s also great for describing and exploring new textures. There are so many different types of sand you can find at different prices. There are also recipes online that show you how to make your own. It’s the best!


Sidewalk chalk is fun for days when you just need to get out of the speech room and enjoy some fresh air. I use it to write target words on the ground for my kiddos to practice their sounds. You can also draw a series of shapes on the ground and have the kids follow directions using the shapes (stand in the circle and clap your hands, sit in the square and close your eyes, etc.). You can also work on basic concepts such as big/little, in/out, and so much more. The options are endless!


I love cooperative games. Some kids just aren’t ready for competitive games and I can’t always lose valuable therapy time dealing with a child who is upset over not winning. Cooperative games allow the kids to work together to complete the game and then they all “win.” It’s easy to turn almost any game into a cooperative game with just a slight change of the rules.


Summer is about being with family, barbecues, and eating pie! I love using conversation games because they are a fun way to get everyone talking and laughing. You can use it to work on carryover of articulation skills, turn taking, conversational skills, and so much more.

My biggest advice for parents (and SLPs who work in the summer) is to try to get outside and away from screen time as much as possible. Enjoy the warm weather and fresh air.

These are just a few of my summer fun games and activities. What are your favorite summer fun favorites?

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