Why You Should Be Using Boom Cards in Speech Therapy

If you are not using Boom Cards yet, you are definitely missing out. I jumped on the Boom Card wagon back in March 2020 when we were all suddenly thrown into distance learning. Boom Learning saved my sanity as I was searching for resources to use via teletherapy. Now that I am back to in person speech sessions, I am still loving Boom Cards. Here are 3 reasons why YOU should be using Boom Cards in speech therapy, too.

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1. Boom Cards are great for in person sessions, teletherapy, AND other forms of remote learning.

During teletherapy sessions, you need materials that can keep students engaged through the screen, and address goals at the same time. Boom Learning has so many fun activities with moveable pieces. I love it when I can share mouse control, but I have found that they really still love the activities even when I am the one controlling the mouse. They get so much more language practice that way, too, because they tell me how to move it and what to click on. One of my favorite interactive Boom Card decks for speech and language is this Articulation Scenes for Carryover Practice. It’s great for language skills, too.

Articulation Scenes Boom Cards

You can also share FAST PIN links with parents, so students can use Boom Cards to practice at home. In person, they work just like an app, but are WAY cheaper than most speech and language apps on the market.

2. Boom Cards are very affordable.

Not only are there hundreds of free Boom Cards decks out there, but most of the paid decks are very affordable. Boom Learning uses points for purchases, and each point is approximately one cent or so (better to buy points in bulk to save money). So a deck that costs 100 points is only $1! Most of my Boom decks are around 300 points, like this Wh- Questions resource, which is one of my best sellers. You can also purchase Boom Cards on Teachers Pay Teachers, which is great because you don’t have to prepay for points AND you can earn free money by leaving feedback on your purchases.

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3. Boom Cards work on computers, iPads, ChromeBooks, and phones!

Your students might all have different technology available to them, but Boom Cards work on pretty much any device with an internet or data connection. You can either download the app, or use an internet browser to access the cards. I love that I can send my favorite Articulation Sudoku resources to parents for students to practice at home.

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If you haven’t tried Boom yet, I definitely recommend giving them a try. You can create a free account and still have access to all the decks available in the store (including freebies like this Pronouns deck). You will also be able to send FAST PINS to your students so they can practice at home.

Boom Cards pronouns

Here are some of the most used Boom decks available in my store:

Leveled Synonyms & Antonyms Practice

Leveled Problem Solving

Present Progressive Verbs

Be sure to check them out and let me know if you have any questions!


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